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Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

B12 Vitamin Injection



B12 is an energizer, detoxifier, and mood stabilizer. Always a good choice. Benefits include: Increases energy, Stabilizes mood, Supports detoxification

B+ Vitamin Injection



B+ A cocktail of B vitamins to boost your energy. Benefits include: Increases energy

Adrenal + Vitamin Injection

Adrenal +


Fights fatigue by nourishing the adrenal glands. Benefits include: Increases energy

LIPO + Vitamin Injection

Lipo +


Assists the body in mobilizing fat. Benefits include: Burns fat

Mommy Vitamin Injection



Nourishes moms to be with essential B vitamins needed for healthy fetal development and alleviates nausea for a more comfortable pregnancy. Benefits include: Anti-nausea, Healthy Fetal nervous system

Calm Vitamin Injections



Calms the nervous system, focuses the mind and relaxes the body. Benefits include: Calms body and mind

Beauty Vitamin Injection



Beauty boosting blends of biotin and zinc. For healthy hair, skin and nails. Benefits include: Beauty

Immunity Vitamin Injection



Powerful blend of immune boosting nutrients, vitamin C, B vitamins and zinc. Helps shorten the duration of a cold or flu. Benefits include: Immune support

Hangover Vitamin Injection



Cocktail of powerful nutrients that replenishes, rejuvenates, detoxifies and energizes the body after a night of over indulgence. Benefits include: Detoxification, Hydration

Glutathione Vitamin Injection



A powerful punch of antioxidants that eliminates toxins and reduces inflammation. Leaves you feeling rejuvenated and young from the inside out. Benefits include: Detoxification, Anti aging

CoQ10 vitamin injection Concierge IV Nutrition


10mg $35 /20mg $45

Antioxidant, energy, supports heart and brain health.

Vogue vitamin injection Concierge IV Nutrition



Supports hair, skin and nails.

Boost vitamin injection Concierge IV Nutrition



Supports metabolism boost and energy.

Turbo vitamin injection Concierge IV Nutrition



Energy and calmness.

Arnica vitamin injection Concierge IV Nutrition



Anti-inflammatory. Reduces pain and bruising.