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What are supplements?

Supplements provide valuable vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that your body needs to function at its best. Supplements may contain one ingredient, like vitamin C, calcium, or iron. They may also have several ingredients, such as daily multivitamins, prenatal support, and senior formulas.

You can buy supplements at any pharmacy or grocery store. However, these supplements don’t contain a personalized dose of the nutrients that will best support your unique body. They also may not contain high-quality ingredients, and some have fillers and other inactive ingredients that don’t promote health and wellness.

Concierge IV Nutrition offers premium-quality, research-backed supplement formulas tailored to your unique needs.

At Concierge IV Nutrition, the experienced integrative medical team supports your mind, body, and spirit. They design patient-focused, customized treatment plans using evidence-based, conventional, functional, and complementary therapies. These treatments promote healing, prevent future illnesses, and support overall health and wellness.

Why should I take supplements?

Your body should absorb essential nutrients from the foods and beverages in your diet. Unfortunately, most people struggle to get all of these nutrients from their diet. Some people have trouble absorbing certain nutrients through their digestive systems. Others may need more of certain nutrients to address a health issue.

High-quality, targeted supplements can make a big difference in your body’s overall functioning. They can lessen various symptoms, help your workout performance, and promote robust health and wellness.

Which supplements should I take?

Concierge IV Nutrition doesn’t hold a large, preformulated supplement inventory that has to sell no matter what. Instead, the experts at Concierge IV Nutrition meet your personal health needs and goals using only custom blended supplements.


Your provider formulates your supplements from more than 150 raw ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers. The practice uses a three-step process to create your individual supplement protocol. The steps are:

Micronutrient testing

This advanced blood test measures specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other components present in your white blood cells. The test gives your provider a detailed understanding of which nutrients your body needs most.


Based on your test results, your provider designs a consolidated nutritional regimen that eliminates formula overlap between supplements. Your provider may recommend dietary changes and additional therapies, such as vitamin IV or NAD+ infusions, to give you the best possible nutritional support.


Your provider personalizes your dosage and selects only the raw materials necessary for your individual needs to use in your custom-blended supplement formula.

For targeted, made-to-order supplements that can enhance your wellness and vitality, schedule a consultation at Concierge IV Nutrition. Call the clinic office today, or request an appointment online.