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5 Signs You Might Need Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Your hormones control many parts of your whole body health and wellness. Systems affected by hormone imbalances include your metabolism, your moods and mental health, and your sexual health and wellness.

If you need hormone treatment to rebalance your body, you should know about the potential benefits of bioidentical hormones. 

At Concierge IV Nutrition, our team of naturopathic and integrative medicine specialists support new and existing patients who need help treating a hormone imbalance.

Here are some signs you might need bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and why we recommend BHRT to patients at our Beverly Hills, California, practice. If you have any of these problems or concerns, BHRT might be the right solution for you.

1. Persistent low energy and decreased vitality

Your hormones affect your overall energy levels and vitality. With a course of hormone replacement therapy, you may be able to restore your energy levels. After beginning treatment, many of our patients report increased quality of life and enthusiasm for activity.

2. Sluggish metabolism and weight gain problems

Both your appetite and your metabolism can be affected by hormone imbalances. If you’ve struggled to lose those last few stubborn pounds, BHRT might be the change you need to succeed with your diet and exercise plans. 

Your restored energy levels will make it easy to stick to lifestyle change resolutions in the months to come.

3. Changes related to aging

Hormone imbalances often occur with age, and addressing them can turn back the clock, leaving you feeling years younger. If you feel older than your years due to a lack of energy, hormone replacement therapy may be the boost you need. 

BHRT can also smooth the transitional years of menopause for women and andropause for men.

4. Low libido and decreased sexuality

Hormone imbalances can lower your sex drive and affect your sexual performance, whether you’re a man or a woman. No matter your specific BHRT needs, once you start your course of treatment, you should find your libido returning. 

Your sexual health is an important part of your whole body health and wellness. Sexual health problems can hurt your self-image and personal happiness.

5. Concerns about synthetic hormones

Protect your long-term health with the natural choice of BHRT. Made from plant estrogens, bioidentical hormones may be safer for your health than synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormones are indistinguishable from your natural hormones at a molecular level. 

With bioidentical hormones, you can reduce risks of cancer and enjoy the benefits of more effective hormone replacement therapy. 

To schedule a consultation and get evaluated for hormone therapy, contact us at Concierge IV Nutrition today. We can perform a hormone assessment panel and recommend the right course of treatment for you. 

With professional monitoring, you can handle any potential side effects and adjust your dosage to completely rebalance your hormone levels.

Book your appointment with Concierge IV Nutrition online or call our Beverly Hills office.