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Iron IV Therapy

Iron IV Therapy Beverly Hills

Iron IV Therapy

Iron IV Therapy Concierge IV Nutrition



Improves iron deficiency and  anemia.

Return Focus to Your Mind
and Energy to Your Body

Iron is one of the body’s vital elements, essential in maintaining concentration, energy and stamina. It is found in hemoglobin, a substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to other parts of your body. In some instances, a person’s body is unable to generate the needed supply of healthy red blood cells. This condition is known as iron deficiency anemia. In cases such as these, people can benefit greatly from accelerated iron repletion treatment through IV delivery. This method, as administered by Concierge IV Nutrition’s licensed doctors and registered nurses, can reverse the unpleasant effects of anemia much more rapidly than by oral iron intake, and without any of the secondary constipation.

How Does Iron Impact Your Body?

Iron helps to create energy from nutrients in our body and it assists in the transmission of nerve impulses that coordinate different actions. Its primary role is to form hemoglobin, a red protein in the blood. Most people produce optimal iron levels through their daily diets. At the same time, however, blood can be lost in various ways, such as through an injury, illness or, for women, monthly menstrual cycles. So when your body cannot properly replenish itself with hemoglobin-forming iron through diet alone, iron supplements or IV treatments are recommended, especially since worsening anemia, left ignored, could require a blood transfusion.

Why You May Need Iron IV Therapy

There are many reasons why iron IV therapy may be necessary for you. Iron deficiency anemia, where a person does not get adequate iron through diet or because of some systemic condition, is one of the most common. Women who are pregnant or who exercise frequently may also find themselves to be lacking in iron. Menstruation or the intake of iron-depleting medications provide other situations where more of this important mineral may be required. Symptoms of an iron deficiency could include fatigue or weakness, dizziness, concentration difficulty, shortness of breath and/or restless legs. The professionals at Concierge IV Nutrition can help you determine if iron IV therapy is right for you.

Potential Benefits

Iron is a critical mineral for the efficient functioning of our bodies. When the amount of iron in our system is compromised, we not only feel unwell, but we become more susceptible to other illnesses. If iron is maintained at an optimal level, it can benefit us in the following ways:

  • Boosts hemoglobin, for easier transfer of oxygen
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Elevates concentration
  • Helps minimize bruising
  • Promotes more efficient sleep

Possible Side Effects

Properly administered iron IV therapy is a very low-risk treatment, with no major side effects. Too much iron in your system could, on occasion, create some joint or abdominal pain, heart rhythm irregularity or a slight change in skin color. Most of these symptoms are rare, however, and can be easily reversed. When you utilize the licensed naturopathic doctors at Concierge IV Nutrition, you can expect attentive, quality care and a regimen that follows all of the guidelines for proper dosage.

Bolstering Your Immune System Through Diligent Care

Good health is about more than just feeling good and increasing your energy level. It’s also dependent on your body’s ability to ward off potential threats with a fortified immune system. Maintaining the proper amount of iron in your system goes a long way toward building that protective wall that leads to improved health. Let the medical professionals at Concierge IV Nutrition help you to maintain optimum operating efficiency. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss how increased iron levels might noticeably augment your health maintenance program.