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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide NAD+ Beverly Hills

NAD+ Beverly Hills

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotid (NAD+)

Removing the Barriers and
Myths of Aging

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme present in almost all cells in your body. NAD’s main purpose is to fuel metabolic reactions, or provide you with energy on a cellular level. Without NAD+, your cells won’t be able to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids (proteins). NAD+ also plays a significant role in gene expression linked to age-related diseases. It can even be used to help reduce cravings associated with withdrawal from alcohol and opiate addiction. NAD+ is both neuro-protective and restorative – helping with cellular healing and the generation of new cells. This important coenzyme, a valuable component in helping to slow or even reverse certain aspects of aging, is available through our professional medical team at Concierge IV Nutrition.

How Does NAD+ Work?

The NAD+ coenzyme plays a critical role in regulating those genes in your body that speed the aging process. It aids in transferring, to the mitochondria, energy released from fatty acids and glucose. This, in turn, is converted into cellular energy, which powers the body and helps to maintain its youthful vigor. At the same time, NAD+ activates sirtuins…enzymes that control the genes related to aging.

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Why You May Need NAD+

No matter how much we may try to fight it, age brings with it certain declines in physical and mental function. We can build up fat storage in our liver, suffer from vascular inflammation that damages our blood vessels, lose muscle strength and even develop a resistance of sorts to insulin, which can lead to higher blood sugar levels. These factors often lead to fatigue, general malaise and can, ultimately, contribute to serious health conditions. Whether you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suffer from depression, have trouble sleeping or find physical activities a bit more challenging than before, you may benefit from NAD+ supplements from our experienced, qualified staff.

NAD+ Beverly Hills Concierge IV Nutrition

Potential Benefits

If you’re concerned about aging’s impact on your body and mind, perhaps you should consider NAD+ as an important addition to your health and fitness routine. Even if you are in relatively good shape, NAD+ could give you that extra boost toward peak efficiency. Some of the potential benefits include:

  • Converts food into usable energy
  • Fortifies cell defense systems
  • Helps protect the brain against stress
  • Reduces potential for fatty liver deposits
  • Recalibrates your body’s internal clock for better sleeping
  • Aids in DNA repair

Possible Side Effects

There have been no definitive studies showing any negative side effects of NAD+, though higher than average doses could possibly lead – in some cases – to anxiety, insomnia and jitteriness. As with any drug, it should be monitored for proper dosages. The licensed medical professionals at Concierge IV Nutrition work with every client on a personal level, helping to ensure that the most beneficial amount of NAD+ is prescribed for you.

Boosting Your Energy, Protecting Your Health

We all have it within our power to maintain energy, stamina and healthy living, as we grow older and wiser. Besides eating a nutritional diet, exercising and keeping a positive outlook, we can also benefit from vital supplements such as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), the coenzyme that provides a unique cellular boost to your system. If you don’t quite feel like your former self or you’re just looking to maintain your physical edge, we invite you to discuss with us how a regular health maintenance program featuring NAD+ might benefit you. After all, life isn’t just about living…it’s about living well.