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Nutritional Consulting

Discover How to Be the Best
You Can Be

Most people who try to maintain good health through diet, exercise and lifestyle work to learn about the routines and habits that seem to best support their goals. The problem is that there are so many conflicting theories, especially if one is searching the Internet where fact and fiction seem to hold equal weight. So it is vital to seek out good, professional nutritional consulting that recognizes you as the unique individual you are.

Respectable nutritional consulting, such as that offered by Concierge IV Nutrition, takes into account many factors, such as your body type, energy and stress levels, health history, occupation and lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regimen and general outlook on life. By embracing this holistic approach, an efficient health program can be designed that enables you to successfully balance your mind, body and spirit.

What Makes Concierge Unique

The licensed naturopathic doctors at Concierge IV Nutrition are able to provide sound, realistic advice for several reasons: They are passionate about what they do, they take the time to listen to you and they have the knowledge and experience necessary to arrive at the right solution.

Our doctors believe that “one size fits all” is a term that should be reserved for bathrobes or tunics. It should never apply to your wellness plan, which we customize down to the last vitamin and mineral. And we devise a program that not only makes you feel good today, but helps ensure that you will continue to feel that way in the days and months ahead.

How Our Consulting Works

Once we have discussed your present wellness status and your individual goals, we conduct an extensive analysis that explores all of the factors of your daily life, from your medical history, to your eating habits, exercise program and stress tolerance level. This allows us to create a personalized meal program for you, along with recommendations for nutritional IVs, injections and/or supplements, as well as any suggested lifestyle changes. Our consulting program also includes:

  • Identifying and addressing root causes, rather than masking  symptoms, of any health issues or concerns
  • Nutrition plans customized to your specific biochemical needs
  • Personalized meal plans and recipes
  • Quality vitamin IVs, injections and top-shelf supplements, with  customized nutrient intake protocol
  • Concierge care program, featuring email access for ongoing support
  • Total wellness commitment, with intermittent reviews for added adjustability